"Pennsville's Place for Positive Play"

              P.O. Box 633
                        Pennsville, New Jersey   08070
    We are a small group of residents who formed a non-profit organization with a single united goal in mind. The goal is to provide the best sports facility for our kids in an atmosphere of fair competitiveness and discipline.  The original plans are for the construction of a indoor soccer, wrestling , field hockey and track facility with the potential of growing into other sports disciplines in future years.  This building will be built by the residents of Pennsville. This building is not coming from your local or school taxes. This is definitely a win win for Pennsville Township!
   As of 3/8/07 the deed transferring the property from the school to the Township of Pennsville is being delivered to the township solitictor. From there a new deed will be made transferring the property from the Township of Pennsville to Youth Sports Development Inc. . Also the first meeting with the Pennsville Township Planning Board will be held on Monday, March 12th at 7:00PM.

  YSD also received a letter from the South Jersey Track Association indicating their strong
intrest in utilizing the facility once it is constructed.

     Show your support by speaking with the political leaders in our county and state. Express to them your support for the indoor sports complex. We are also selling support bricks and marble wall plates. Be a part of a project which will display your name or group for many many years.  If you are a commercial business take part in our banner program. Be one of the first to have your business name hanging from the walls showing your support for the community. 

     Help us help the community and our kids.  Take part. If you have special skills like carpentry, tilework, painting, accounting or just going around looking for funds.
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320' x 152'
John Wyshinski - President
Paul Wyshinski - Vice President
Dave Polk -   Secretary
Frank Smith - Treasurer
152' x 320'